Growth Projects

Growth Projects

Extending Logistics Value Chain via Sweeny Fractionation Ownership Opportunity
DCP secured an option to acquire up to 30% ownership interest in two, 150,000 bpd natural gas liquids fractionators to be constructed within Phillips 66’s Sweeny Hub in Old Ocean, Texas. DCP’s option is exercisable at the in-service date of the fractionators, which is expected to be in late 2020, with a capital investment of approximately $400 million.
Press Release
Sweeny Overview

Joint NGL System Project
The Joint NGL System Project is a combined effort of DCP Southern Hills Pipeline, LLC ("SoHi"), DCP Wattenberg Pipeline LLC ("Wattenberg") and White Cliffs Pipeline, L.L.C. ("WCPL"), jointly referred to as "Carriers", to provide natural gas liquids transportation service from natural gas processing plants in Northeast Colorado to Mont Belvieu, Texas.

A press release announcing the Open Season for the Joint NGL System Project, the Open Season Notice and the Open Season Extension are available at the following links:

Press Release
Open Season Notice
Open Season Extension

Mewbourn 3
Mewbourn 3 is a cryogenic natural gas processing plant in the DJ Basin. Mewbourn 3 will be DCP’s tenth plant in the basin. Located at the existing site of DCP’s Mewbourn Gas Plant, Mewbourn 3 will foster the development of oil and gas resources in Weld County by expanding and enhancing natural gas gathering and processing services in the area. The Mewbourn 3 project also includes the next phase of the Grand Parkway low pressure gathering and associated compression asset, which is also expected to be completed by the end of 2018. The Mewbourn 3 plant will connect to the Front Range Pipeline, one-third owned by DCP Midstream, for NGL takeaway to Mont Belvieu, Texas. Total capital investment for the plant and associated gathering is expected to be up to $395 million.

Mewbourn 3 fact sheet

Cimarron Pipeline Expansion

Cimarron River Pipeline, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of DCP Midstream, LP, is planning an expansion of its interstate natural gas pipeline system. The Cimarron expansion will include approximately 48 miles of new 20” and 30” natural gas pipeline from Cimarron’s existing facilities in Beaver County, Okla., extending north to DCP’s National Helium Gas Processing Plant in Seward County, Ks. The project will also include the lease of approximately 21 miles of 26-inch natural gas pipeline extending from Texas County, Oklahoma to Beaver County, Oklahoma. The expansion is designed to transport up to 631,300 MMBtu/day* through the 30” pipeline. The capital investment for the expansion is expected to be approximately $107 million.

The project is subject to approval by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Cimarron has started the pre-filing process with the FERC, and the project has been assigned Docket No. PF17-7-000.  Additional information about the FERC pre-filing process, open houses and the project can be found below.

Cimarron fact sheet

FERC Pre-filing Environmental Review Process

Complete Pre File Submittal Cimarron July 7, 2017 Docket No-PF17-7

Link to FERC Pre-Filing Information

Open Season Announcement