Corey Walker

Corey Walker

President of Operations

Corey Walker is the president of operations for DCP Midstream, and oversees DCP’s North and Midcontinent business units, including Southern Hills and other related logistics, marketing, and commercial operations.

Prior to DCP, Corey was Avantor’s Executive Vice President of the Americas, biomaterials and advanced technologies (NuSil) and electronic materials businesses. Previously, Corey served as Global Vice President of the Sperry Drilling Services and Multichem global business groups at Halliburton Energy Services and also led global strategy for the Completion and Production division. Corey has also held a variety of strategic and global business unit leadership roles at Dow Chemical and Dell Technology.

Corey earned a bachelor’s in marketing and business management from Brigham Young University, as well as an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Corey and his wife, Ashley, live in Denver with their four children.